How to Start

It’s easy it is to think of potentially good ideas or nice plans, but it’s usually hard to actually start doing or implementing it. For example, I decided to start blogging way before I was able to post my first entry. Also, I’ve been planning to write this one the whole week but am only actually writing it now.

But why is it too hard to start?

Maybe because we’re not ready or because we’re not prepared. Maybe because we’re afraid. We’re afraid to fail, or just even make the littlest mistake. Many of us are like that, we want things to be perfect even if it’s our first time.

But nothings perfect. So I guess, it doesn’t make sense for us to be so frustrated about not being one. We, however, can try to be the best that we can. Not perfect. Just as close to it as we can. That way, we’ll be able to accept flaws more easily and work on those flaws faster.

So, how do we start?

First, we have to decide that we want to do something. No, we have to decide that we WILL do something. For example, my first step in having this blog is deciding that I want to have one. One that I WILL update regularly.

Next is the planning. Have a GOAL, make a PLAN. Plan how you can get, at least a step closer everyday, to your goal. In my case, I wanted a blog that I’ll update at least once a week. I wanted to keep track of my thoughts, how I view things, and how those views would change over time. I want to see myself improve as a person. I want to watch me mature (hopefully). My boyfriend told me that I have to commit to a specific day, and I decided to post on Sundays (although now, it’s technically Monday). Also, he told me to write at least 5 minutes a day, but I’m still working on that.

After planning, we PREPARE. The preparation for me in making this blog was deciding where I wanted to upload them. I read reviews for different mediums, I wanted to choose as carefully as I can. I wanted a medium where I can write, post videos, and voice records. I wanted a medium where I can view my posts in the order that I posted them, but also be able to categorize them so I can browse through specific topics. I wanted people to be able to read my entries and be able to react to them. I want feedback so I can improve, and I also want to see other people’s thoughts on the things that I talk about. So when I finally decided which medium can accommodate most, if not all, of these, I opened an account. There. All that’s left for me was actually do the blogging.

A while ago, all I know was that I wanted to write something about starting. Probably because I just started this whole blogging thing, and because I found it hard to actually start doing things I wanted and needed to do these past few days, and also, because it’s my birthday today (because it’s past midnight now) and it’s a good time to start doing things (forget about the last one, your “now” is always a good time to start). Anyway, when I opened the write button (PREPARE), it took me a while to actually type something. I had the WILL, but I couldn’t seem to find the right words or be contented with my first few sentences. But I have a GOAL which was to post an entry about starting. The logical step to take (PLAN) was continue writing my thoughts about it and organize these thoughts later.

“Object at rest remains at rest unless a force is exerted to it,” says Newton, and I read somewhere that this also applies to us and the things we do. Indeed, it takes energy and effort to WILL, realize GOALS, PLAN and PREPARE for something. But that’s the force that you need to exert to start. Don’t let the thought of exerting extra effort scare you, because once you start everything else will be easier. Remember the second part of Newton’s Law, “Object in motion remain in motion.” Good luck!


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