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The Magic of Honey

There was once a time when my voice got hoarse for a year. I was in high school. I couldn’t speak properly, my classmates chose me as leader for group activities just to watch me struggle while I try to get the group together and talk, my teacher pitied me and eventually stopped calling me for recitation, and worst of all, I couldn’t sing.

I love singing. I express myself through singing. I get inspiration and try to inspire others through singing. I console myself when I’m sad by listening to and singing along with happy songs. My voice is my instrument. I can’t lose it again.

And that was when I learned about honey.

I went to the doctor and she prescribed me with lozenges. She also said that I should take a spoonful of honey with minced garlic every morning. That was a weird combination, I thought. It took time to work though because my throat’s situation was really bad at that time.

Anyway, since then, I take honey whenever I get sore throat or cough. See, honey loosens up phlegm (if there’s any) which may cause irritation in the throat. This will make the phlegm easier to cough out. Take note though, that at this stage, the coughing may become more frequent. That’s because your body will try to get the phlegm out, and it’s good. It will stop sooner than if you leave your phlegm dry (in which coughing would cause more irritation to your throat and make the case worse). If there’s no phlegm, honey will be able to soothe the throat faster.

For best results, just take honey as it is. You can also take it as my doctor prescribed, with minced garlic. Just don’t drink water right after, that will wash out the honey before it can do the soothing in your throat. Let the honey flow through your throat and stay there longer. The sweetness of pure honey might be too much for some, though. What I do is put two to three spoonfuls of honey, add one or two calamansi (or slice of lemon) and then add warm water.

So that’s the recipe for my magical voice potion. That’s what I take whenever my throat’s irritated or whenever my voice gets hoarse. It works every time, it only take minutes (or seconds) to prepare, and it works fast. I easily get my voice hoarse after long rehearsals, but taking honey works like magic for me. I take it and I can sing a lot easier again in minutes.

Hope you find this interesting and useful. Also, if you want to add something, just comment below. 😀


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