Time is a resource. We all have limited supply of it. We don’t even have any idea when ours will run out.

But, time is what we give to the people we love. Time is what we want to always share with them. Time is what we spend thinking what great gifts to buy our loved ones for their birthday or for Christmas. Our time is what we give to friends, to get to know them better, to be there for them when they need us. Our time is what we give to people when we serve them, when we do our jobs. Our time is what we give in exchange for money so we can provide for our families. Time is what we give and spend on everything.

Maybe, that’s why it hurts when you later learn that a friend betrayed you, or if you realize someone you love doesn’t love you back, or if you fail to do something that you really would want to accomplish. Because you invested time in them. You gave a portion of your limited resource to that someone or something. You gave a portion of yourself that you know you can never get back the moment you give it away, only to feel later that it is wasted or not appreciated.

If only people learn how to value their time and other people’s time as much as theirs. Everyone will have more chance to be happier. Everyone will work harder and strive to be more efficient to do more in less time. No one will want to take what they know isn’t rightfully theirs, because they realize and respect that everyone works hard to earn what they have. Children will not be too demanding to their parents. They will learn to appreciate them more and will be more grateful with what their parents do for them or give them, because they would know that they are given something that their parents invested time for and can never get back. Secret lovers would want to save time and express their feelings honestly instead of wasting time just waiting for the other to figure their feelings out for them. Friends would give more respect for the friendship given to them, because they know it takes time to earn trust and just a moment to lose it. Whenever there are conflicts, people would try to understand the other and help the other understand them so they can resolve the conflict faster. People might want to be more helpful to make the most out of everyone’s time. They would be more cooperative and group activities will be a lot easier, all because they have one goal which is to do better, faster or improve on what they already have so far. People may feel sadness at times but will not drown themselves in the feeling because they know wallowing in negative emotions is a waste of precious time. People might exert more effort in moving on, and strive for the better as fast as they can, as soon as they can. If only we value our time and we know how to value it properly. If only we value each other’s time as much as we should value ours.

I want my time to be respected, and so, I’d like to give more respect on other’s time as well. I was almost always late for everything before, and this is what I’m trying to change now. I don’t want my time to be wasted by other people by making me wait, leaving me hanging, having nothing to do with the limited resource that I have. I also don’t want other people to experience this because of me anymore. I think I have improved a lot since I started, and I’m really happy. Some people notice my my effort and tease me, but I’m happy because they appreciate it. This encourages me to continue what I’m doing and improve more.

How about you? How do other people waste your time? What do you do that potentially waste other people’s time? Do you do something to change for the better? Tell me about it in the comment box bellow! 🙂


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