Family, Relationships

Gift: Parents

My parents are the greatest gift I have ever received. We can never choose our parents, decide whose egg cell and sperm cell should we come from, or which family we would want to be born into, which is why I really feel blessed to have been born in mine.

I’m an only child to two strict and conservative but very loving, understanding, caring, and ever supportive parents. All these and more, they gave me in the right amounts. They don’t give me every little thing that I want, but made sure I get everything that I need. They give reasons and explain in detail why they would not give me the things that I wanted but couldn’t have. They don’t always give me ‘yes’ as an answer but always made sure I understand why they give ‘no’. They never forced me to do things I didn’t want and taught me to decide for myself early on. And though they didn’t always let me go out with friends or sleep over at their house, I never felt bad about it, I felt protected and secured. The best part was that I didn’t just have two great parents, I have two great friends as well. I could tell them anything and everything.

We can never choose our parents, but I’m really lucky and blessed with mine. I wish I could make them feel blessed to have me as their daughter as well.


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