Things I’m Grateful for in 2014

I used to make a long list of things I wish to accomplish for the new year. Eventually though, I forget about the list and just do what comes to mind as they come. Then, it’s new year again, I realize I have not accomplished many things that I wanted to and so I make myself a new one. I once heard though that if we want do do something, we should start doing it the moment we decide to do so. And that’s what I did last year. Now, here are some of the things I was able to do in the past year, all of which I am grateful of.

1. I graduated in college.

After so many years of struggle, I finally graduated. I failed so many times in the past, but I’m really proud of myself for not giving up. I proved to myself that I can do anything as long as I believe in it, I do something to make it happen or at least take baby steps to get closer to my goal, and I get up every time I fall.

2. I got my first job.

I always wanted to help other people, which is why I used to dream of becoming a doctor. But though I didn’t take the path, I still want to help in some way. The project I’m in aims to build a program that can help people learn. I’m happy to be a part of this project because of that. Also, in the process, I myself learn a lot of new things with the help of my seniors.

3. I earned my own money and was able to help pay the bills.

Though sometimes I get overwhelmed by the things that need to get paid, I’m happy that I could somehow help pay them. I realize that what I contribute now is just a little part of what I need to be responsible of later on. At least I get to practice being a responsible adult. Hahaha! One step at a time.

4. I was able to teach Padfoot a few tricks.

I was able to teach Padfoot to sit, stay, stand, turn around, come when called, go home, lie down, crawl, wait, and look me in the eye. He can do some of these without treats. A few more tricks need to be polished like walking on leash without pulling, turning around (he only turns counter clockwise), stand (on all 4 feet and on 2), sit pretty. It’s not much, but for a first time dog parent, I’m really proud of this. XD

5. I finished my first course in Coursera.

I was able to understand a few things about the process of learning. I now have a better understanding about how my (our) brain works and use it to my advantage. Also, because of this, I’m able to understand myself and my past habits and know how I could change them for the better.

6. I tried auditioning online to sing in a concert.

I was not able to get in, but I’m still happy because I tried. The last time I audition for anything at all was when I was 17. It was refreshing. This will not be the last time I try.

7. I learned new things.

I think I learned a lot. I got to learn a new programming language (because I didn’t try learning what wasn’t required at school), I enrolled in music courses in Coursera as well, but I wasn’t able to finish them along with the other students. I still watch the videos though and learned a thing or two about music production and musicianship.

8. I started this blog.

I’ve mentioned in my first post how I always wanted to keep a journal or something and write regularly. Now, I finally started something like it. I know I wasn’t able to post much last month, but I’m still happy that I was able to post at least one entry a week for my first eight weeks and that I never thought of abandoning this blog when I wasn’t able to post last month. During the time, I only thought of things I wanted to write about.

9. Finished the 100 day Gratitude Challenge.

I tried the 100 day Gratitude challenge early this year. This challenge forced me to really look for little things that I usually take for granted. This little exercise allowed me to notice the little blessings I receive everyday and give time to appreciate them. Doing it everyday for 100 days, it eventually became a habit. I still do it now, unconsciously. I don’t write them down anymore or take pictures, but I appreciate them and it always improve my mood.


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