Science Fascination

My laptop has been hanging ang lagging a lot more recently and whenever that happen, I turn to my iPad and watch random science related videos on Youtube.

I remember when I was young my parents used to buy me encyclopedias and science book sets. I read these books over and over until they buy me new ones. I remember the joy I felt every time I encounter something new. It really excites me when I read my books because reading them make me feel like I understand more about the things around me. It feels like I understand more about how things really work, or why things happen. It’s also nice to know about things that were not physically available for me to experiment on or observe, like airplanes, or black holes.

We didn’t have internet back then. We didn’t have computer even. We had television though, and I used to watch this show called Sineskwela. The show aired every morning at 9 o’clock, followed by Math-tinik, Epol Apple, Hirayamanawari or Bayani. I loved watching these shows before I prepare for school. We had our first desktop computer when I entered high school. At that time, Encarta was this big time digital encyclopedia, so my father installed it. He even updated it every year. I used to spend a lot of time in front of the computer, reading and playing Encarta’s trivia games. I really enjoyed it.

So, instead of being pissed off for having my work interrupted because of all the hanging and lagging, I fascinate myself with science instead. The videos I watch not only give me happiness because of the new knowledge or understanding they provide, but also because of the happy memories they trigger.

Though I think it’s nice to read real books with real pages to flip through, I think watching videos are helpful too. Watching takes less time, so it’s more convenient to do while on your break, than to read a book and having to stop in the middle of a chapter or a section. It’s nice that you can learn new things that you find interesting without having to browse through a lot of books and having to flip through pages to look for a specific topic. It’s like having a library as big as (or even bigger than) that of Beast’s (from Beauty and the Beast) but searching for what you specifically need or want is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Of course, if you are specializing on something you have to read books and learn the details. But if it’s just to fascinate yourself with science, the gists are enough. So before I say bye, here are some of the Youtube channels I follow so you could enjoy their videos, too.




Good day!


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