Be Inspired, Never Envy

We are not perfect. There will always be someone smarter, more intelligent, richer, more beautiful, sexier, more confident, more organized, or in whatever way BETTER than us. There will always be someone who has that latest gadget or whatever material thing we’ve always wanted to have. What do we feel about these people?

When I was a kid, my Mother would always tell me that feeling envious is bad. What I should feel instead when seeing other people having things that I don’t is happiness. She didn’t explain why envy is bad or why I should be happy for the things other people receive or have, but I did it anyway. Whenever I was about to feel envious of others, I’d stop myself and focus instead on being happy for him/her. Now, I understand why, and I’m really thankful she taught me that.

When we envy, we resent other people for having or achieving things that we don’t. We feel bad for not being as intelligent or as beautiful or as rich another person. Then, we’ll hate that other person for just being who he/she is.

I read somewhere that some emotions are actually the same and are only different by how we choose to interpret them. For example, having fast beating heart and cold hands could be interpreted as nervousness, which often comes with fear and other negative feelings about something that’s yet to come. But then, we can also interpret it as excitement, which is a positive feeling. I think this applies to envy as well, which you can turn into something positive by interpreting it as inspiration.

You see someone smarter or more intelligent than you are? Observe his/her study habits and then work on your own. You see someone more beautiful or sexier? See how he/she carries him/herself, his/her diet and exercise habit. You see someone who can buy all the latest gadgets? Well, you don’t really need that, be thankful for yours and move on… Hahaha!

Be inspired. If you want to have or achieve something, you can never run out of inspiration. Observe what others does to be in the position that you want to be in. See if you can copy their ways so you can get there as well. If you want, you can also make your own path toward it. Just do something to be closer to your goal. Don’t just stand there and sulk. Don’t resent people who worked hard to be where ever they are now or whatever they have achieved. Do not envy. Be happy for them, and be inspired by them.


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