Good Vs. Nice

People are often mislead by nice things. We all expect nice things to happen to us. We all want to be with nice people. We are blinded by nice things. But nice is different from good, and not all nice things are good for us. Often, the good things aren’t nice at all, and so we never want them.

In eating for example, how many people would choose vegetable salad over a slice of cake, a box of candies, a box of chocolates or a bowl of mashed potatoes with delicious gravy? Vegetables are good for your health, the rest are just nice tasting treats. If you’re full and there’s still food in front of you which you really really like, can you resist eating it? Being able to eat it would be nice, right? But will it be good? You’re already full.

Would you rather be with a person who is nice to you, or one who is good to you? Would you choose someone who always praise you, give you nice things, or just tell you the good stuff he/she can share? Or would you rather have someone who’s concerned enough to tell you just the truth so you can work on yourself to be better, knows and gives you what you need and not your wants, and confides in you both good and bad things without worrying you’d judge?

Would you rather have some guy who opens the door for you but hurts you whenever you argue? Would you choose someone who gives you flowers, teddy bears and chocolates on Christmas, Valentines day, on anniversary or after a heated argument over someone who takes time to know you better, understand and try to give you what you need, plans your future together, and finds time to spend with you?

Why do you help? Do you do it to seem nice or, at least, avoid looking bad? Have you ever wondered whether what is being asked of you would do good to the person? Did you ever take time to think of ways to help better? Did you ever take time to think whether or not what is asked of you is need or just a want? Have you ever thought that giving is not always helping?

Most of my life, I think, I was nice. I always wanted to please and was so afraid and conscious of what other people think of me. But I can’t make everyone happy because, most of the time, people strive for what they want and not what they need. I can’t make them happy because, most of the time, they don’t know what they need anymore and are blinded by nice things. Being nice to everyone wouldn’t do any good to anyone, anyway. I will just exhaust myself trying, and it will just satisfy them for sometime until they want more. I just need to be good. So now, I want to be good. I will be good to myself first, so I could learn how to be good to others as well. I will choose to do good, for good things last but nice things don’t.

Here’s a song about nice and good things from Into the Woods. Enjoy! šŸ™‚


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