Physical Education

If today I have to look back to my school years and tell you something, anything, I learned from Physical Education, I wouldn’t know what to say. Honestly, all those years, I had no idea why it’s in the curriculum and why we have it every year. I was just happy for I get at least an hour of play a week because of it.

How do they plan Physical Education lessons anyway? How do they know what we need to know? What’s the goal of putting it in the curriculum? I didn’t know. Most of the time, we were just given the time to practice for class presentations or randomly play around. At least in college, we get to choose what we wanted to do or learn. But in grade school and high school, we don’t. All those years, it seemed to me that PE teachers, or whoever planned those lessons, randomly choose a sport that they wanted the students to try, tell them the rules, let them play, and base the grade on the game score.

I was not sporty. I was never good in any sport. I’m terrified of the idea of hurting and I always thought that physical activities always cause people to hurt somewhere. I was okay with dances though. I think I perform fairly well on the dances. I also was a part of the school dance club, and I think I get extra points from that which was enough to make up for being a total loser in sports. In college, we were required to take four PE subjects, but aside from that, I didn’t have physical activities anymore.

Without PE subject, my physical activities drastically declined. I don’t go out much and all I do at home is sit, lay down, and stand and walk occasionally to get food or go to the bathroom. My boyfriend eventually encouraged me to run with him. I did, for a while, but now that I don’t need go out of the house much anymore, I get too lazy to go out just to run.

Now, though I still don’t understand how they decide which sport or dance to do, I appreciate all those times in grade school and high school that, at least once a week, I was required to do physical activity.


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