No Pain, No Gain

My last post was about how I always viewed PE in general and how I unappreciative I was of it and how I took it for granted. But now that I finished school and am not required to do any physical activities anymore, over time, I moved less and less.

I’ve been taking pole dancing classes since the start of February. On my first day, while we were (only) warming up, my joints produced these weird sound. It was as if I was forcing some machine with rusty gears to work again after a long time. I realised how little I moved around. My arms would only reach the level of a table for I only use them to type and eat. I don’t run with my boyfriend anymore, so I only move around to go to the kitchen, my bedroom and the bathroom. Worst of all, I’m always seated, which shortens my lifespan.

Day after My first pole class, I feel pain all over my body. I knew this is because I don’t regularly move as much as I did in that class. I also knew that despite that, I had to continue. I know that the pain will eventually go away, and that my body will be able to adjust to the activity. This will only make me stronger. 🙂

Here are some of my pictures in class.





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