Galaxy Painting

I don’t remember anymore why I was craving (can this be used in this way?) to do some artwork of some sort. Maybe because I watched too many DIYs in the past few days. I miss the time when I can just bring out my canvas, paints, brushes, put some news paper, sit on the floor and paint. I had less and less time to be creative as I grew older. Now, I don’t paint anymore. I don’t know where my brushes are, I don’t have a canvas ready, And because of the years passed, my paints are most probably dried now. I want to buy new ones, but I worry about how I spend and I’m not sure if I can still paint something that would still be satisfying for me, so I won’t.

Luckily, I have this app on my iPad where I can try things I thought of doing. It satisfies my cravings for now. I was obsessed with galaxy painting tutorials and the people doing them make it seem so easy so I really wanted to try. I wasn’t so sure how I should do some of their techniques digitally though, but I had to try. Here are some of what I did.     img_7671-0


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