The Cons of Too Much Learning from Others

I believe that people should learn from others, their experiences and mistakes. No individual can possibly make every mistake just so he/she can learn from each of them. It is important that we know how to observe and learn from the experiences of others so we can save ourselves from the hurt others must have felt, save time and energy that we can spend to experience and learn something else instead. Learning how to observe and learn from others can make us more productive and progressive.

However, too much of it has its own cons, too, and I recently just realized them.

Too much “learning from others” made me dependent on them to the point that I wouldn’t want to try new things anymore without seeing others try them first. I first search if others tried to do the things I want and need to accomplish before trying to think of solutions for myself. I tried less and experienced less, and had less daily or mini failures that I forgot how to deal with them. Lack of practice of how to deal with these mini failures amplified my frustration whenever I experience them. I tried even lesser than before because I was too afraid to try and fail again.

I developed fear of making mistakes or not being able to do what I’m supposed to. I developed fear of failure. Mistakes and failures hurt, but, avoiding to make mistakes and failures to the point that I don’t try to do what I need or want to do anymore hurts me more. That fear keep me from trying new things for myself, experiencing things on my own and learning from them. I realized that the times that I really failed wasn’t because I wasn’t good enough, or that I didn’t have it in me. I failed because I was too afraid to really try, to do my best, to give my all. I thought, it will hurt my pride more if I fail despite doing everything I can. I was wrong. Now all those times passed without me learning my lessons. Lessons that I should have learned in my own failures. I wasn’t able to get enough practice to get up every time I trip or fall.

I still believe that learning from others is important. It is essential to make progress and move forward. It is imposible to learn everything on your own. After all, we can’t really experience everything, we have limited time. Learning from others was how humans made progress through the years. Knowledge was built on top of each other. Discoveries were recorded so that younger and future people will already know about them and be able to really search for new ones.

But now I understand that learning things on my own helps me improve my creativity and resourcefulness. I know that mistakes and failures are not to be feared but to be learned from. I should make the most out of every experience, and to do that, I need to try to do whatever I can so I wouldn’t have regret in the future. It’s okay try, make mistakes and fail a few times. What’s more important is I learn and get up from each of them.

I saw a quote somewhere before that goes something like this, “Don’t make the same mistake twice. There are so many new ones. Try a different one each day.”


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