This post was originally intended to be a birthday post, but since I wasn’t able to post it two months ago, I decided to make this one a new year post instead. XD

So last year, I turned 25 and I asked myself if I have actually leveled up. I may not have posted a lot in the past year, but, I think I have done many things I said I would try. I gained a lot along the way, too, and here are some of the things I think I got from my adventures:


I enrolled myself in a 20 session Pole Dance classes last February. I have always wanted to learn and I decided to really do something about it whether or not people I know join me. I searched online, looked for studio options, scanned promos and class packages, called my chosen studio before hand and inquired if they have requirements. I went first Monday of February and it was one of the best decisions I made for myself.

I was also able to trek up a mountain with my boyfriend this year. I always put the idea down because I thought it was too dangerous and such a hassle to go far just to tire myself to climb a mountain. I wasn’t wrong to think it was tiring, especially when I didn’t have enough preparation for the climb. I’ve thought about staying at certain points, read an e-book on Jelo’s iPad and tell them to just meet me again on their way down, but I didn’t want to spoil the fun for Jelo and our new found friends. So I just asked if we could rest (many times) and continued on. It was a good adventure and I’m happy I let my boyfriend take me there.

Jelo and I also enrolled in swim classes last July. He wanted to train for Triathlon and I wanted to learn for survival. I enjoyed going to classes and learning with him, good way to spend our date days.

I was also able to treat my Mom, cousins and nieces to cafes, restaurants and a one day wall climbing session. I have done many first times in my 25th year of living, and they all felt good.

Also, my boyfriend and I went on a trip to El Nido, Palawan with our parents to celebrate our 4th anniversary of being together. I was so happy that I was able to travel with the people I love most. The place was really beautiful and spending three days there really isn’t enough. We are definitely going back.

New Friends

I told some friends that I’m planning to enroll in a Pole Dance class and asked them if they would want to join me. Some said yes, some said they wanted to try but they are not ready yet, some just cheered me. I said I will still enroll even if I don’t find anyone I know willing to enroll with me. It was a long time ago since I last made a new friend and I thought this would be a great chance to meet new people again.

The people I met there were great. They were friendly, approachable and very helpful. A lot of them were pole dancing for years by then and I can feel confidence in them whenever they perform a trick or a spin. But never have I felt that I can’t do what they were doing just because they are far too flexible and good at pole dancing. I even struggled just lifting myself up a pole on my first day, but I saw encouraging faces around me. One classmate, whom I saw earlier do complicated tricks beautifully, even approached me and guided me and gave me tips on how to climb. Some randomly give words of encouragement, saying that they too didn’t get it on their first days. Everyone goes out of their way to help another classmate struggling to perform a trick. Everyone looks for each other, concerned whether the other are still safe or needs guidance or help. I was (and still am) so happy to have found a great learning environment.


Because of my Pole Fitness and Swimming classes, I think (and feel) I really gained physical strength. I can now lift heavy items that I cannot even move before. I carry myself more easily and I move around more. Going up and down the stairs isn’t that tiring anymore. Also, I learned to appreciate spicy food, which I can’t tolerate even the slightest before. My tolerance in feeling and handling physical pain really improved.

I’m hoping I also gained strength in other aspects, too. But unlike physical strength, I can’t test it and see if I really improved.


I still can’t split properly, but I really think I gained a little flexibility this year. My joints don’t always produce the gear sound anymore. I can now bridge a bit, but from the floor and for a short time, depending on the intensity of my workout on that day and the previous ones.

I still need improvement on both physical and mental flexibility and I will definitely work on that this year.


Last year, I also learned to love myself more, and hopefully, not in a vain and self-centered way. I learned to accept myself more as I am but still strive to be better. I learned to be comfortable with my own body and skin. I have a lot of physical insecurities before and these insecurities sometimes limits me to do some of the things that I want. Like how I sometimes want to dress up a little but then notice how flat chested I am, or how big my tummy is at the time, I change back into a more baggy clothes to hide myself. Attending pole dancing classes really helped me to be more accepting and be more comfortable with my own body.

I am also more assured that I can do and accomplish things if I wanted to if only I work hard on it. I may have always known before, but 2015 presented me with a lot of opportunities to prove it.



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