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Own Pole

My father put up poles for me (and a friend) at home. I can now practice more frequently and without having to brave the traffic of Manila. I stopped attending classes last October and was only able to practice when these poles were up. My niece joined me which make my practice even more enjoyable. It’s also good to have someone to practice with so we can look after and spot each other on the pole. I lost strength because of my break but I’m now trying to get my strength back.

Here are some pictures of one of our practices and a video of me practicing pole trick flow.

I’m planning to attend class again after mastering the tricks and spins that I already know. I think attending class is still good especially when trying to learn new tricks because in class, you have an expert to spot you, correct what you do wrong and really guide you. These are important because trying tricks that you are not yet comfortable with may result to slips or other accident. Having someone to guide and spot you would be a great help for your form and also your safety.


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