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Strength from Pole Dancing

I started attending pole classes on the first day of February last year. Since then, I really believe I’ve learned and gained a lot from it. Some of them, I already mentioned in my previous posts, but I’ll focus on strength in this one.

Although I still have so much that I’ve yet to learn in pole dancing, I already feel like I have gained a lot of strength from it. And now, I notice that I’m able to use it in my everyday life.

Walking Padfoot

One of the things that I think I wouldn’t be able to do if it weren’t for the strength I got from pole dancing is being able to walk my dog and handle his leash pulling. Padfoot is a medium sized dog who weighs 17.5 kg when we last checked. With my habits before I started being conscious of my fitness, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to develop muscles that would be able to stop him when he pulls. I wouldn’t have the arm strength I need and a stable stance to keep us both from moving. My dog would surely be able to drag me which will hinder me from from being able to discipline him.

Lifting, Carrying and Bottle Opening

Another thing that I noticed was that I now exert a lot less effort in lifting heavy objects and in opening new bottles. When I was younger, I remember having to have somebody else remove bottle caps for me. My Papa and boyfriend usually do it for me then. Sometimes, I also ask my Mama to open them for me but there some kinds that are too tight for her. But now, I’m the one who’s opening bottle caps for someone else. It really feels good and it boosts my pride whenever I open a cap easily. Unlike before, even after exerting all of my effort in twisting, doing everything that I can to add more friction to help me open the lid, after giving all my strength to be able to twist it, I still fail. I believe tham I’m now able to do this because my grip impoved in pole dancing. I practice grip control a lot in doing tricks and in spinning. Then, one time last week, I was trying to move our sofa and I was surprised to have lift it easily. I can now also help in lifting and moving other heavy objects around the house. I find these things easier since I’m constantly lifting myself up in pole, and I got used to carrying weight.

Singing Higher Notes

One of the things I love is singing. I know before that exercising could really help in projecting my voice but since I don’t to it regularly, don’t really feel the difference. Since I started pole dancing, I tried to see to it that I exercise even for a little regularly. If I can, I do it three to four times a week. My core strength improved a lot along the way and I’m now able to support my body better in unusual positions. Because of this core strength, I also noticed that I’m more comfortable in reaching high notes when I sing. I used to struggle and strain my throat a lot before whenever I try to sing challenging songs. Although I’m still not a biritera (birit is not really my style), I can now reach higher note with much ease. I think its because of the core strength I gain in pole fitness that gives my diaphragm an extra push and support.


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