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Daily Vocal Care


I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a long time, but I kept postponing it. Then, I recently discovered Evynne Hollens on Youtube and I loved her content right away and immediately hit the subscribe button. Her Youtube channel was full of lessons and tips in singing and beautiful covers, too.

Anyway, like she said in the video, the tips she mentioned here would probably ring bells if you’re a singer. I’ve been singing since I was young as well and I was able to try different genres. Many times, I have strained my instrument, and some of the tips mentioned in the video were my remedy. I actually wrote an entry before about drinking honey and mentioned how it helped me during difficult times (hahaha! not having voice to speak, and more importantly, sing, is really difficult for me).

She also mentioned drinking lots of water and getting enough rest, which I’m having great difficulty in following. We all know water and rest are two very important things to maintain properly, singer or not. But, despite knowing this, we still find it hard to do and make lots of excuses. I’m also guilty of this, and I will really work on improving myself on these in the following days. Hopefully, I keep doing it until I make it a habit.

Good luck in taking care of your vocal chords, and your overall health as well. 😀


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