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Pet Photography

I don’t edit pictures yet, but I really enjoy taking photos of my pets (and their friends).


“Draw me like one of your French girls.”

This is Selina. He’s a Puspin that my father adopted a year after we had Padfoot. Before we had him, I really hated cats. I grew up with cats around but they were never pets to me. They were just unwelcome guests and they’re really annoying. They’re too noisy especially at night and when they’re in heat, they reproduce too much and too often and they steal food so it’s dangerous to leave an opening to your house if you have food on the table. When I was young, these cats would get out of your way when you walk but later on, they became too at home, I think they feel that the place is actually theirs. Some of these cats would even threaten to scratch or hiss when you walk near them, even when you don’t touch them at all.

Selina was the first one we adopted. My father actually brought him home from their friends house. He said he like him because he was sweet and playful, unlike most cats in our compound. He like chasing moving objects and grabbing them with his two front paws. He likes catching feet, too. He hides or pretends to be asleep and suddenly grab your feet as you walk by. He walks with me to the gate when I go out and from there to the house when I arrive. He calls out to us on the window when it’s time to eat. He also learned to sit, sit pretty and stay because he wanted to get treats when I train Padfoot. He and Padfoot eventually became buddies and they sleep together most of the time.

Why Selina when he’s a he, though? Well, we thought he was a girl when he was little. We only noticed his balls later on, but we didn’t change the name because he’s already responding to it.

C2 (Selina 2)


This is NOT Selina. He’s a doppelganger, a spy, an undercover agent, an impostor. My cousin called him C2 (Selina 2, she thought his name is spelled with a ‘C’). I thought he was Selina at first, too, and wondered why he’s reluctant to share with the other cats and wasn’t eating in his food bowl at Padfoot’s house. I saw him trying to make his way through other cats to share food, I called him and went to add food on his bowl but when I looked, Selina was there. “Oh, ang bilis mo naman tumakbo, nandyan ka na agad,” I said. (“Oh, you’re fast, you’re already there.”) But I looked again and realized that it was not Selina who was trying to share food with the other cats. The real Selina is eating in his food bowl.

This one eventually stayed in our compound. He mimics other cats to get food, but he mimics Selina the most. I think he realized he looked like Selina. He would stay and meow at our window like Selina does when it’s time to eat. He rubs his body on my legs whenever I go out. He makes lambing to me and my cousins like Selina usually does. He walks near Padfoot because Selina stays near him almost all of the time. But Padfoot discovered he’s not Selina when he tried to sniff him and he started barking at C2 from then on. I sometimes catch C2 getting back at Padfoot when he barks at him though, I hope they learn to get along soon (Edit: I think they’re actually starting to get along). I find what C2 does to fit in in his new environment amusing and I’m actually entertained by his actions. I like him. I don’t mind him staying in our compound. Well, as long as he doesn’t hurt my Padfoot though.


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