One Hot Summer Day

Of course, I won’t let this adorable one be left behind.

He and the new copy-cat, C2, get along pretty well these days. C2 still acts all tough and gets back and scratch whenever Padfoot tries to play with her. But, Padfoot lets her hang around near him without pestering her with his barks. I think C2 also understands me more too. She sits when I tell her to, stops and stays when I try to stop her from hurting Padfoot with her claws, and also, she’s not getting mad when I give Padfoot and ther other cats treats, too. She can now patiently wait for her turn. You can see her behind Padfoot in one of the pictures below.

Padfoot doesn’t get to play a lot lately. It’s too hot here, so I just give him ice to play with and chew from time to time, but I don’t allow him to run around a lot these days. He still gets his daily trip outside though for a bit of walk and to do number 2. I hope he doesn’t get bored.

I walked Padfoot for a bit the other day. He spotted one of our neighbor’s toddler’s ball and picked it up. Good thing I was holding a big chunk of carrot that time. I didn’t want to get the toy from his mouth because he might be sensitive since he’s not playing so much these days. So I showed him the carrot and he immediately dropped the toy. Hahaha! He really likes carrot more than play.


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