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Dinner Out and Dressing Up

I went out to have dinner with my mom and boyfriend today. There’s a new restaurant that I wanted them to try out since I went there already with some of my friends more than a week ago. Their specialties are ribs and chicken, which is what my friends ordered last time, but I tried their Garlic Butter Crab. Since my mom isn’t fond of red meat, we tried their fish yesterday instead. We also had salad, baked shells and tropical fruit. We liked everything and I think we found a new favorite.

 I decided to dress up a little today. My mom bought me this romper a few years ago, but I seldom use it because I’m not sure with what shoes I shoud wear with it and it’s inconvenient to use heels every time. My boyfriend bought me a solid pink Sanuk as gift for my birthday last year and I thought that would be a comfortable option for this outfit. But today, I chose to wear a pair of boots I bought just recently in a sale at H&M. I thought it would be okay since we were just having dinner and we will not roam around and walk a lot. I don’t wear heels when I know I would be out for too long to avoid pain and exhausion. I was surprised though that I found my boots comfortable to wear today.

I was so pleased with my look so I asked my niece to take a picture of me when I got home. I tried a few pole tricks, too. XD


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