I went to the mall last Friday to buy things for Padfoot and passed by an art fest. They already did this event in another branch and I’ve heard about it but that branch was far for me so I let the chance pass me by. I got so excited to discover that they are doing the same event in a mall that’s nearer to me. So I went inside and looked around and window shopped for some art tools, asked around about the mechanics of their promotion and try out their art supplies. Everyone were helpful, friendly and accommodating.

I bought a book about hand lettering, The ABC of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy, a waterbrush and a cute pen, and for the purchase they gave me a pass to any (one) of workshop they were offering and a free Instax photo. I signed up for a watercolor lettering workshop, scheduled yesterday.

The one hour workshop was lead by Ella Lama, we received a one page guideline and then she lead us through a step-by-step process of creating a simple, one word, watercolor lettering. She also gave us some tips on how we can make our work better. Her instructions were really easy to follow and beginner friendly. I enjoyed the workshop a lot. I hope there will be and I can attend more workshops like these in the future, meet new people and see in person the makers of nice and inspiring art works I used to only admire from my computer or mobile screen.

Here are the items I bought at the SM Stationery Art Fest and the watercolor letter I made in the workshop.
With these tools in my hands, I will keep practicing. šŸ˜€



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