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Mother and Child

I took these shots a few weeks ago, days before the kitten died. I’m not sure why though, but we’re guessing she was hit accidentally while the carpenters are removing old wood from the house they’re rebuilding.

By this time, I was trying to get some nice shots of the kitten for days already. I can’t get close enough because the kitten was scared of all other creature aside from its mom. It runs away if it thinks you’re trying to get closer. The mother cat was also scary looking, so I didn’t try to go near them before whenever they’re together.

It touched me to see these two again and they were a little more exposed this time than where I usually saw them before. And so, I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots to practice. The kitten was more energetic and playful now (the time I took the pictures) and a little less scared of other creature’s movement. It switches back and forth from drinking milk from its mom and playing with her tail. Mommy cat looked annoyed the whole time, but she lets her child play. Lucky, I was able to walk nearer and without scaring them away.

It’s sad that the kitten is already gone. 😦 The mother is still here though, healthy, but still a bit “masungit” or “suplada”. I don’t know what English word would best fit, but, she looks like she’s annoyed all the time.  Maybe that’s her normal.


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