I haven’t posted in a long while now, so this is just a quick summary of what’s been happening to me in the past two months.

First, I got busy with work, but I continued practicing old (and new) pole tricks. I also went with my boyfriend from time to time to the pool and watch and time him swim. And then, I (and my Mom) went to Cebu with him for his first half triathlon. He joined this year’s Cobra Ironman.

When he finished his race, I found out his parents were also there. I immediately thought it was because they wanted show their support since it’s their first child’s first triathlon. He then went straight to me sang a few lines from the song Cheerleader, and proposed!

When we got back, we got kind of busy with things we need to fix and organize because of our trip. We relaxed a bit.. Okay, a lot. We didn’t workout for about a month, and now, we’re both fat. Hahaha! We started working out again this week. And that concludes the whole (more than) two months that I went missing. XD
Good day and happiness to all! :3

[I will update this later to put some pictures.]


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