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Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time watching videos online. I finished a few Korean Dramas, random movies, and watched a lot of other kinds of videos on YouTube.

I have been reading a lot on skin care lately, too, because I became conscious about my pimples. My parents used to tease me a lot about it since a long time ago but I used to just shrug it off. “Kung ganito nga na marami akong pimple ang dami nang nagkakagusto sa’kin, edi pano nalang kung wala? Mahirap yung masyadong maraming nagkakagusto,” (Many people already find me beautiful even though I have all these pimples. Imagine if these are gone. It’s hard to have too many people liking you.) I jokingly tell them. I was too lazy to do something about it, and I thought it was just because I’m going through puberty. But I’m way past the puberty stage now and I still never experienced a perfectly clear skin so far. I recently tried a few things to level-up (or to actually have) my skin care routine.

And sooooo, I decided to make reviews for some of the things that I try and spend a lot of time on. XD I’m planning to do some for Korean dramas that I liked and for the skin care products that I’ve tried.

Hope some of the information that I will give would and could be useful to you as well. 😀


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