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Review (Skin care): BeautyFix Peel-off Mask Oil Control & Detoxify


As I’ve mentioned in my revious post, I’ll be doing reviews for the things I try using, consuming, reading or watching, and this will be the first of many.

I’m learning about skin care at the moment because I’ve been concerned about constantly having pimples on my face, still, and even long after passing through puberty. I wasn’t as concerned before because I was too lazy to care, but now that I’m engaged, I became conscious. I really want to be as beautiful as I can be, have a smooth, flawless as possible, skin on the day of my wedding. And so, I started having regular cleansing routine, and now, trying out products to clear my face with acne and help bring out natural glow on my skin.

Today I will be discussing about (you guessed it, it’s on the title XD) BeautFix Peel-off Max, Oil Control & Detoxify.

I originally planned to use a sheet mask when I did this but it’s package says “do not use on damaged or blemished skin,” and I had 2 big pimples then. I thought this would be perfect since excessive oil production is one of the root cause of clogged pores and blemishes.


So I did what tas indicated at the back of the sachet. I washed my face with a foam cleanser, I’m using Ponds Acne Solution at the moment, and towel dried my face. I then applied the mask all over my face, trying so hard to avoid my hairs (eyebrows, baby hairs, etc.). I watched videos while waiting for the mask to completely dry and be ready for peeling.


In the directions at the back it says to wait for 20 mins or for the mask to completely dry before peeling or washing it off. I tried the white version of this mask before and only waited 20 mins back then so I decided to wait for everything to dry this time. It took me around 45 mins, I think, before I peeled it this time. My skin feels like it tightens as the mask dries. It stings (itchy-tickly feeling, very tolerable) a bit, too, especially in parts where your pores are larger or has blemish or small pimple or white heads. It wasn’t 100% dry, but most of it is and only 2 small spots are not. This was my favorite part: I was able to peel almost everything off without tearing it. I had a little residue left on my face which I then had to rinse off with warm water. I also rinsed with room temperature water, towel tap dry my face and patted an ice for a few seconds to help close down my pores. I’m not really sure if that helped though (tell me if you know something  about it or does this as well).

I wanted to put a video for peeling but I don’t have access to such blog feature. One day, someday, I’ll do that.


There’s no noticeable difference between my before and after pictures, but the mask is quite effective when it comes to pulling out black and white heads on your face. I put some mask under my chin as well but it stung (slightly burning sensation, unlike the kind I felt on my face) after a few moments and I panicked so wiped that part out. Aside from that, the only sensation you’ll feel will be the tightening of your face while the mask is pulling out gunks on you skin. After peeling, my skin actually felt fresh, smooth and softer than it was before. You can check the amount of dirt, dead skin cells and sebum the mask was able to get from your face under the mask you just peeled. The mask pulled out less than I expected so I felt like it wasn’t really able to get much of the dirt off my face. Although, it might also be because I’m not really going out often, and my face really wasn’t that dirty. I’m really not sure.

I was oily (-er than I normally am) when I woke up the morning after, though. I guess the oil-control part promised in the package isn’t so effective. This super oily morning face created 2 or 3 new pimples on my face. I’m not sure if this should happen, though some say that they tend to breakout more after they put on mask, that it’s normal and that it will go away more easily, leaving your skin smoother than before. My face actually was oilier days after I used the mask.

It’s been a week since, my face’s oiliness level went back to normal, and a few pimples already appeared and disappeared through out the week. Since I’m new to this kind of pampering, I’m not really sure if this result is normal, good, or bad. Maybe I will be able to tell in the future as I try other masks. If you know whether or not what happend to me is actually the expected result, leave me a comment bellow. 🙂 For more reviews like this, click the like button and stay tuned. Thank you!


I had some products left in the sachet after my previous mask session, so I didn’t throw it right away to see if I can still use it. I noticed that dirt is building up again and so I decided to use the remaining product. I only opened the sachet a little the last time and the product in the opening part dried up over time but that also kind of sealed the product inside. I used it and it worked out the same for me.

PS: Be careful in rinsing your face. The instruction said, “Use warm water.” And really, use warm water. but make sure that it’s really warm, and not too hot for your skin. I made a mistake of rinsing my face with a too-hot-warm-water right after I peeled my mask and my skin immediately reacted. I peeled my chin earlier and rinsed it correctly (with a just-right-warm-water) and the too-hot-warm-water didn’t have an effect on it. Anyway, the rest of my face (that was just touched by the mask) became red and lumpy. I kind of panicked and worried that I just ruined my face. I rinsed it with room temperature water and later on dabbed ice on the affected area. The lumps eventually subsided and my face is (thankfully) normal again now. Whew!


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