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Review (K-drama): Oh My Venus (2014)

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So I also mentioned before that I’d write about other things that consume my time these days, and one of them is watching (a lot) of Korean dramas. I will try my best not to include spoilers in these kind of posts because that would ruin your experience if you’re planning to watch it as well. Maybe in drama reviews/reflection (whatever this can be considered to be, I’m really not sure), I’ll warn you if I do want to say something that would give away something else. So, if you don’t want spoilers, you can just stop reading from there. Maybe I’ll also tell you where you can continue reading again. Moving on…


Romance, comedy, drama


Oh My Venus, which was released in 2014, was a story about an extremely beautiful girl whom every teenager in town had a crush on. She dreams about about becoming a lawyer someday and be a woman with both beauty and brains. In pursuing this dream though, she eventually became negligent of taking care of her body and became over weight.

The story revolved around her having problems and eventually splitting up with her long term boyfriend and meeting a new guy who will help her get back to her old beautiful and sexy (in other words, healthy and fit) self.

PS: if this synopsis is still detailed for you, let me know and if you can, also suggest how I can improve it, so I can write them better for you next time and not give something away. 🙂

Rate: 8/10

I’m kind of biased about this and I will be honest to you about it. The lead characters, and their working out scenes, the lead guy being strict and disciplined, the girl’s working out and organization struggles, to name a few, really reminded me of myself and my fiance. This really added to my experience of watching it and I really enjoyed it. Maybe because of this, the humor we’re extra funny for me than it will be for you.

I always find having super rich guy falling in love with an ordinary girl from a poor/commoner family and their struggles (usual family problems, relationship not being approved by elders in the family, and them trying to break the relationship) too typical for a drama series. But though this had a similar set-up,  it stayed away from the usual pattern, and I really liked that.

I like how their relationship struggles were not caused by people trying to tear them apart, but their own inner conflicts that they have yet to resolve. I also like how the series showed different kinds and sources of loneliness felt by different people, how differently they handle it, and how this loneliness cause misunderstandings and complications.


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