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Review (Skin care): Maybelline Micellar Water

I wanted to try out putting make-up because I thought I would need the skill soon. I have an oily, acne prone skin, and I was worried that putting on make-up will make my skin condition worse. This is why I always tried to not be interested in make-up.

So I tried putting on Maybelline Clearsmooth All-in-one Powder Foundation, filled in my brows with a Nichido eye pencil, put on some liquid eye liner and mascara also from Nichido, some powder blush and a Maybelline matte lipstick. I used to have trouble removing make-up. This is the most complete full face make-up routine that I can do. I don’t have eye-shadows and BB or CC creams are too expensive for me, I fear that they will expire before I even feel the need to use them. I lose confidence rather than gain them when I have make-up on, for some reason, and I feel more beautiful bare faced even with all the pimples that I usually have. I really try to only put on a little of each product since I feel shy and uneasy whenever I wear make-up, but whenever I try to remove my make-up, the products on my face seem to be too much that the process of removing them seem endless. No matter how many times I wipe and rinse my face, I still feel and see some make-up product on it. I tend to rub my eyelid, with wet coton and q-tips, excessively trying to remove liquid liner and mascara that are still left behind after all the wiping and rising. I didn’t buy make-up removers before because I thought that I’ll never be able to use all the product in a bottle since I don’t wear make-up much and I don’t want to spend too much on something that I will not be able to use and utilize.

And then, this product was introduced. This Micellar Water is kind of an all-in-one product. It promises to remove make-up, cleanse your skin, act as toner and hydrate. It has no fragrance, alcohol free and oil-free.


I put a little on a cotton ball and swipe it on my face. You can easily see the amount of make-up it can remove with one swipe. I try to utilize all of the cotton, turning, folding, opening inner the part and all that to get all possible side and wipe make-up off my face with it. I move on to a new cotton with Micellar Water if I feel like the cotton I’m using can’t hold anymore make-up product. I like that I only need to gently swipe the cotton ball on my face and it gets the make-up product off it and onto the cotton ball, no need to rub harshly.

I also like that it’s gentle on the eyes. I once put too much Micellar water on a cotton ball that I used to remove my mascara and eye liner. I intended to pat and gently wipe my lid off eye make-up but kind of pressed on the cotton ball in the process, squeezing out some Micellar water which eventually made its way into my eyes. It didn’t sting at all, it almost felt like my own tears. I saw make-up removing products that are specially made for your eyes, but with this Micellar water in the market, I don’t think anyone would need those anymore.

There was also a time that residents water line was cut off temporarily for some fixing and I was too lazy to get water outside of my room, so I skipped my whole night skin care routine and only cleansed my face with this. It promised to remove dirt, tone and moisturize after all. I was surprised that I actually had less oily face the next morning and had no new pimple.

The only thing maybe that I’m not so fond of about this product is that it’s a bit sticky on the face if it’s the last product you swipe on. But for me, it’s tolerable. The stickiness subsides over time anyway.

Overall, I really like this product. It performs well and stays true to its promised effects. It’s “sulit” since a 200mL bottle costs around 200php, way cheaper compared to other make-up removers, and also cheaper to other Micellar water from other brands.

Have you tried this already? Let me know what you think about it and share your experience in the comment section bellow. 😀


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