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Pimple Conscious

I mentioned in a past entry that I recently got conscious about my face because I never had it perfectly clear of pimples. Really, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have at least one or two medium sized ones, and a few really small ones (growing). I get really big ones whenever the time of the month comes. And whenever one of them start to subside or heal, another one starts to grow. I’m way past the puberty stage now but I still have at least a few pimples all over my face, all the time.

I didn’t considered my condition severe, and I thought having it worse is what’s considered acne. So, I just went on with my life and didn’t really care about it. My parents usually tease me about it, but I only shrug it off and jokingly tell them, “I’m already beautiful as it is, imagine if I don’t have them. Too many suitors might show up and bug me all the time.” I never liked make-up though because aside from feeling so heavy on my face and being uncomfortable when wearing them, I was afraid that wearing them will cause my skin problem to become worse.

Now that I’m engaged, my parents and fiance’s teasing kind of had an effect on me. I now want to do something about it and dream of having a perfect skin on my wedding day.

Last October, I started to be more conscious about pimples showing on my face and started taking steps towards a hopefully better skin. I started treating my pimples with Quick Fix Pimple Eraser that I got from Watsons. Since I’m putting it on pimples twice everyday, I got to monitor not only the changes that happen on the pimples I’m putting cream on, but also when they appear. Here are three things that I just realized and noticed (why didn’t I know these things before? XD):

One, my sleeping habit is the main reason why I always have pimples on my forehead. I realized that in the few couple of days that I slept at around 12 midnight and got a long and satisfying sleep (at least around 7 hours per night), my forehead got clear of pimples (even the tiny bumps are gone during this time). And when one day I ruined this beautiful almost forming habit, a large pimple and a few tiny bumps showed up (on my forehead). I’ve always been a late sleeper, even since I was in high school. Then, I would sleep at around 1 am, and would wake-up at 5 am to get ready for school because my school service arrives at around 6:15 am. This sleeping habit got worse when I entered college. I got different class schedule everyday, so I never formed a regular sleeping habit. At times I sleep at 2 or 3 in the morning and would have to wake up at 6 am, there are times that I have little to no sleep at all.

Two, accumulated dirt on my pillow and pillow case causes large pimple on my cheek to grow and stay for long. It takes longer to subside and heal and, just when I thought that it will finally go away, it reemerges. I watched a bunch of “how to get rid of acne” videos and read a couple of articles on it, too. I heard this a few times, and I realized that I never actually washed and cleaned my pillows and I seldom change my pillow cases. And so, I bought a new pillow and pillow cases, washed and cleaned my old ones, and now change my cases regularly (I do mine weekly, but some others do it everyday). Over time, I noticed that a pimple forms a few days after I change the case which tells me that it’s dirty and I should flip or change it. I also realized that this large cheek pimple show on the side that touches my pillow when I sleep. When I change side, the other one heals and a new one forms on the other side that now touches the pillow. When I hugged a pillow when I slept and it touched my chin (maybe repetitively) during sleep and its case wasn’t newly changed, a pimple also formed on my chin (it healed quickly when I avoided having facial contact with the pillow that I hug). They say that silk fabric don’t absorb oils, dirt and sebum unlike other kinds of fabric. I’m going to buy a silk pillow case soon, so that I can use pillow cases for longer (or at least just last a week without growing a new pimple because of my pillow case).

Three, I can’t only rely on acne treatment products. Creams, facial wash, masks or whatever product that says it will remove your acne can only do so much. They may help fasten the life span of a pimple. They may help fasten the amount of time it takes to erase the dark spot it left when it healed. They may remove all the dirt, sebum and oil that cause pimple that are currently sitting on your face. They may help your recently popped pimple to heal faster. But they will not be able to prevent an acne to show up if you don’t keep things that touches your face clean or you don’t get proper and enough sleep. I think, to actually achieve a healthy, glowing skin, a lifestyle change should also be in order. It’s true, prevention is better than cure.

I’m excited to learn more about myself and be able to figure out more about keeping my skin healthy and acne free as I try new habits, experiment on products and constantly monitoring my habits and skin health patterns. I read that eating dairy products causes pimples as well, and I love fresh milk, butter and cheese. I’ve yet to do something about this one because butter and cheese just make food tastier and more delicious! This one will be harder to address. I hope I can take small steps about this soon. We’ll see, and I’ll tell you about the result next time. 🙂

Do you also struggle with pimples? Have you solved this skin problem a long time ago? Tell me your story in the comment section bellow.


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