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Debut Photo Shoot

I’ve been noting to myself some spots around UP Diliman campus that I thought would be good locations for a photo shoot. My photo shoot partner, or my model-photographer tandem partner, Rica, is so busy with work these days so I can’t schedule a session with her.

Lucky, my cousin Kyra, who is turning 18 this coming June, is on school vacation. So I messaged her in facebook and asked if she wanted to do a photo shoot with me.

I said she could use the photos we’ll take for her debut if she likes them, so I wanted to slightly align the pictures to her celebration theme. Her party will be held at a beach, so I wanted to take pictures that have summer-y vibe. Some of my workmates even sent me samples to help us out. It was sunny and all the whole day, but I’m not sure if I actually captured the vibe. XD Rica said the pictures gave more of a “Spring” and “Fall” vibe and that we should take pictures with “Winter” vibe just to leave “Summer” for the party. We don’t even have those seasons here in the Philippines. LOL.

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Whatever vibe these pictures give, I like them anyway. I hope Kyra liked the outcome of our mini photo shoot as well. My fiance told me that my composition improved. I think I also improved in terms of how quickly I adjust my camera to the changes that happens around, like if I shoot at a different angle, different location, or if the lighting changes (like if cloud covers the sun for a while). I only used one lens, the 18-55mm kit lens, for the whole shoot.

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Poracay Trip with the Clan

If you’re wondering if I typed the title wrong, I want you to know that I didn’t. My family actually went to a resort called Poracay in Porac, Pampanga a few weeks ago. It was a resort that had many house like cottages, each with 3 rooms, a kitchen, a dining area and living area. Each room had its own bathroom, two double decker and a twin sized bed. Each cottage is spaced enough that other guests were able to put up a tent outside and set up equipment for grilling their food outside.

I’m not sure about the fees since the elders were the once who handled those matters, but if I’m not mistaken, entrance was 180 pesos each. You will then have access to a lot of their many pools (I think an area was reserved for those who paid more), and lagoon, where you can sit and let little fishes feed on your feet. There were also activities like zipline, skycycling and some kind of ninja warior bridges inside the area, but you will have to pay for each separately.

I swam and played wih my cousins, nieces and nephew until before we ate lunch. I then roamed around to see the whole place and take some pictures (to share with you~).

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I tend to hear myself say, “When I was your age… so learn from me,” often these days. I thought that younger people should always and really listen to me when I say something. I know better than them. Whatever they’re going through now, I already went through before, so have things to say about that. Also, since I’m not that far off from where they are in life now, I’m sure I can relate to them better than older adults they know. Plus, I’m experiencing some adult things now so I understand older adults better than the younger ones, right?


I just realized that I feel this way because I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by adults who hear, consider, value and sometimes mirror my opinion. This made me feel important and matured. Adults are listening to me. They, who experienced life longer than I do, who knows more than I do, who saw way more than I do, listen to me. They must feel that I’m getting things right in life, that I’m more mature than how people are in my age, that I know and understand a lot.  And if my seniors in life feel that, then the younger ones must definitely do, too!

I must be overwhelmed by other people’s trust and didn’t notice that the honor I felt turned into pride and became arrogant. I failed to realize that I must be doing what they are doing, too. Listen. I should learn to listen to other people, even to those people who, I think, also needs to listen. I forgot that many of the things I know now I learned not from my own experience but from the experience of others.

I was lucky enough not to experience too much pain and heartaches and only heard about sacrifice, hardships and hopelessness from stories of other people. Many times it seems to me that the answers to many problems are easy, that people are the ones who complicate things too much, that people like to make their own problems. I get amused by how other people don’t see obvious solutions or why they weren’t able to foresee the consequences before they did their actions.

But now I realize that I don’t get to judge because I didn’t actually experience things, go through so much pain and face a problem that would drastically affect my life. I might know and see the obvious solutions because it’s not my life that’s at stake and I’m not the one under pressure. I can only imagine myself in their situations, can only think that I wouldn’t do what they do to themselves, but I’m seeing everything from afar. I’ll never know what I would actually do if I go through what other people went through.

I need to remind myself this, especially at times when I think I’m logical and others are not, when I think other people are being too absurd for not listening to me or taking my advice. Sometimes we’re lucky and blessed. Sometimes we’re not. I’m not having troubles the way other people have not just because I was logical, practical, or did no mistakes to avoid and save myself from having them. I was also lucky. Lucky to have a comfortable life, be surrounded by good people as I grow up, be molded by good adults, and these are things that we can’t control.

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Gift: Parents

My parents are the greatest gift I have ever received. We can never choose our parents, decide whose egg cell and sperm cell should we come from, or which family we would want to be born into, which is why I really feel blessed to have been born in mine.

I’m an only child to two strict and conservative but very loving, understanding, caring, and ever supportive parents. All these and more, they gave me in the right amounts. They don’t give me every little thing that I want, but made sure I get everything that I need. They give reasons and explain in detail why they would not give me the things that I wanted but couldn’t have. They don’t always give me ‘yes’ as an answer but always made sure I understand why they give ‘no’. They never forced me to do things I didn’t want and taught me to decide for myself early on. And though they didn’t always let me go out with friends or sleep over at their house, I never felt bad about it, I felt protected and secured. The best part was that I didn’t just have two great parents, I have two great friends as well. I could tell them anything and everything.

We can never choose our parents, but I’m really lucky and blessed with mine. I wish I could make them feel blessed to have me as their daughter as well.