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Cover: Lapit by Yeng Constantino

I’ve been planning to post a song cover for so long. I finally did! Here’s my cover of ‘Lapit’ by Yeng Constantino.


I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be uploading more soon, so if you’re interested in that please feel free to subscribe. 😀

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Singing Story

I love singing. When I was little, my parents would do a mock beauty contest with me. They play as the host of the show and I, of course, a contestant. I would introduce myself, perform a talent and do a question and answer portion. We only had a voice recording back then because cameras are still in analog (am I too old now? XD) so recording home videos cost a lot back then. Anyway, we were able to keep one of the tapes (cassette tape, if you don’t know what I mean anymore) and I was able to hear my younger self with it. I was two years old when it was recorded, I was still a bit ‘bulol’ but I know a lot of songs. I sung nursery rhymes and it still makes me wonder how I was able to memorize all of that at that age.

When I was 7 (cue music, “once I was seven years old, Mama told me…”, hahaha! Funny XD), my mom asked me to sing at her high school reunion. Titanic was in at that time, and of course, “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion was, too. That was my first public performance. I got complements and many people encouraged me to continue singing (many more aside from my parents, they’ve been supportive all along), so I did. From then on, I was asked to sing in family and friends’ gatherings and eventually in school programs as well.

In fifth grade, one of my classmates’ mom suggested that I enroll in Center for Pop Music Philippines for summer. It was my first formal voice lesson. I also joined recitals and mall shows back then. It was really fun and I really enjoy performing, sing and dance at the same time and all. I continued taking classes but stopped when I entered high school. We had school activities even on weekends and my mom also gets too tired over the week and wanted to just rest during the weekend, I couldn’t attend classes anymore. It was also around that time that I caught some throat problem that lasted for over a year. I couldn’t speak, let alone sing, at that time. I wanted to join the school choir but couldn’t because of my condition, so I decided to join the dance club instead. I wasn’t able to fully recover (vocally) so I never got to audition for the school choir.

Then, I entered college. In our orientation, one of the university choirs performed and invited us to audition. I really thought they were great and wanted to be part of their amazing group, so, a few weeks before the school started I went to audition. It was a first for me. I never auditioned for anything before. I got in as a trainee and I joined their rehearsals for a month. I also had a chance to perform with them when they were invited to guest at the grand finals in one of the country’s biggest singing contests at that time. The down side of all of this was that I went home really late and my mom isn’t used to it. I’m the type who goes straight home after school in high school and I’m an only child, so I can just imagine how worried my mom got when I started going home late. Eventually, school started and I kind of had (at least that’s how I felt) to skip the first day of classes to perform for my fellow freshman. My seniors said it was okay since nobody really give classes on the first day of school, but it got me worried. I thought, there will be a time when I would have to skip class for the same reason and I worried that those times might come often. I didn’t like the feeling of skipping classes and not being excused and also considered my mom and me not wanting her to worry about me all the time. I decided to quit.

The next year, I decided to join the college choir. I figured it would be less busy and less demanding compared to the university choir. I was right, it was less busy and demanding, but still I had to go home late many times. My mom eventually get used to it. I also didn’t feel the need to skip class for any performance since we were excused not to perform if the schedule coincides with a class. I also joined my org choir. This one only had to be active for around two months to prepare for the inter-organization choral contests in December. I’ve been active in these two choirs for almost all my years in college.

After I graduated though, I didn’t have the chance to sing and perform again. I’ve been planning to post another song cover on YouTube for months now. I’ve also been putting it off for about the same amount of time. I really miss singing and performing, and in the past two years I’ve only been singing in the shower. I have to do something. In the past, I upload song covers in YouTube a few times just because I felt that I had nothing to do and was bored. I now want to do that more often and not let whatever singing skills I have and developed over the years totally fade away.

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Daily Vocal Care


I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a long time, but I kept postponing it. Then, I recently discovered Evynne Hollens on Youtube and I loved her content right away and immediately hit the subscribe button. Her Youtube channel was full of lessons and tips in singing and beautiful covers, too.

Anyway, like she said in the video, the tips she mentioned here would probably ring bells if you’re a singer. I’ve been singing since I was young as well and I was able to try different genres. Many times, I have strained my instrument, and some of the tips mentioned in the video were my remedy. I actually wrote an entry before about drinking honey and mentioned how it helped me during difficult times (hahaha! not having voice to speak, and more importantly, sing, is really difficult for me).

She also mentioned drinking lots of water and getting enough rest, which I’m having great difficulty in following. We all know water and rest are two very important things to maintain properly, singer or not. But, despite knowing this, we still find it hard to do and make lots of excuses. I’m also guilty of this, and I will really work on improving myself on these in the following days. Hopefully, I keep doing it until I make it a habit.

Good luck in taking care of your vocal chords, and your overall health as well. 😀

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The Magic of Honey

There was once a time when my voice got hoarse for a year. I was in high school. I couldn’t speak properly, my classmates chose me as leader for group activities just to watch me struggle while I try to get the group together and talk, my teacher pitied me and eventually stopped calling me for recitation, and worst of all, I couldn’t sing.

I love singing. I express myself through singing. I get inspiration and try to inspire others through singing. I console myself when I’m sad by listening to and singing along with happy songs. My voice is my instrument. I can’t lose it again.

And that was when I learned about honey.

I went to the doctor and she prescribed me with lozenges. She also said that I should take a spoonful of honey with minced garlic every morning. That was a weird combination, I thought. It took time to work though because my throat’s situation was really bad at that time.

Anyway, since then, I take honey whenever I get sore throat or cough. See, honey loosens up phlegm (if there’s any) which may cause irritation in the throat. This will make the phlegm easier to cough out. Take note though, that at this stage, the coughing may become more frequent. That’s because your body will try to get the phlegm out, and it’s good. It will stop sooner than if you leave your phlegm dry (in which coughing would cause more irritation to your throat and make the case worse). If there’s no phlegm, honey will be able to soothe the throat faster.

For best results, just take honey as it is. You can also take it as my doctor prescribed, with minced garlic. Just don’t drink water right after, that will wash out the honey before it can do the soothing in your throat. Let the honey flow through your throat and stay there longer. The sweetness of pure honey might be too much for some, though. What I do is put two to three spoonfuls of honey, add one or two calamansi (or slice of lemon) and then add warm water.

So that’s the recipe for my magical voice potion. That’s what I take whenever my throat’s irritated or whenever my voice gets hoarse. It works every time, it only take minutes (or seconds) to prepare, and it works fast. I easily get my voice hoarse after long rehearsals, but taking honey works like magic for me. I take it and I can sing a lot easier again in minutes.

Hope you find this interesting and useful. Also, if you want to add something, just comment below. 😀