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Debut Photo Shoot

I’ve been noting to myself some spots around UP Diliman campus that I thought would be good locations for a photo shoot. My photo shoot partner, or my model-photographer tandem partner, Rica, is so busy with work these days so I can’t schedule a session with her.

Lucky, my cousin Kyra, who is turning 18 this coming June, is on school vacation. So I messaged her in facebook and asked if she wanted to do a photo shoot with me.

I said she could use the photos we’ll take for her debut if she likes them, so I wanted to slightly align the pictures to her celebration theme. Her party will be held at a beach, so I wanted to take pictures that have summer-y vibe. Some of my workmates even sent me samples to help us out. It was sunny and all the whole day, but I’m not sure if I actually captured the vibe. XD Rica said the pictures gave more of a “Spring” and “Fall” vibe and that we should take pictures with “Winter” vibe just to leave “Summer” for the party. We don’t even have those seasons here in the Philippines. LOL.

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Whatever vibe these pictures give, I like them anyway. I hope Kyra liked the outcome of our mini photo shoot as well. My fiance told me that my composition improved. I think I also improved in terms of how quickly I adjust my camera to the changes that happens around, like if I shoot at a different angle, different location, or if the lighting changes (like if cloud covers the sun for a while). I only used one lens, the 18-55mm kit lens, for the whole shoot.

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Jogging and Bird Watching

Last Saturday, my fiance asked me to go with him to jog. We weren’t able to bring the car and I wanted to bring some things, but then I realized that if I do I will have to jog with all of them. I decided to just walk around instead and take pictures. Here are some of the pictures that I got.


My father bought me a monocular lens so I thought it would be great to go bird watching with it. My fiance and I had fun trying to have closer look at the birds flying around and resting on trees. We’re noob bird watchers though and we weren’t able to spot a lot. We can hear different bird sounds and we know there are other kinds of birds around but it was just hard to spot them. I tried taking pictures of some birds resting on trees. Too bad, I left my other lens at home which was more suitable for zooming.

Can you find the birds in these pictures?



After his jog and a short bird watching, we went straight back home. We were already in the jeepney ride home when we realized that we failed as a social media couple. We weren’t able to take picture of ourselves together. XD What kind of millennials are we? We both have smartphones and I even have my SLR with me (which I used to take the pictures above). The only picture I took of him running was blurred. I will definitely go with him again to redeem myself as a stage fiancee.

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Rainy Night

I was planning to go to the campus just to shoot (take pictures XD) around, but I never really decided when. Two weeks ago, my fiancé had to go there for an org activity and I thought it was the chance for me. So, I went with him thinking that I could roam around while he’s busy and go to some spots I’ve been planning to check out.

I asked him to bring me to our favorite isaw (barbecued chicken intestines) place first so that we (well, I, because I go hangry) won’t get hungry later. And then, it rained.

Change of plans. He set up a water station for his co-applicants at a waiting shed and waited for them there when they pass by to give out some water to drink. I, on the other hand, stayed with him and took pictures of his co-applicants and whatever else caught my attention there.

Here are some of the pictures that I got.

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Poracay Trip with the Clan

If you’re wondering if I typed the title wrong, I want you to know that I didn’t. My family actually went to a resort called Poracay in Porac, Pampanga a few weeks ago. It was a resort that had many house like cottages, each with 3 rooms, a kitchen, a dining area and living area. Each room had its own bathroom, two double decker and a twin sized bed. Each cottage is spaced enough that other guests were able to put up a tent outside and set up equipment for grilling their food outside.

I’m not sure about the fees since the elders were the once who handled those matters, but if I’m not mistaken, entrance was 180 pesos each. You will then have access to a lot of their many pools (I think an area was reserved for those who paid more), and lagoon, where you can sit and let little fishes feed on your feet. There were also activities like zipline, skycycling and some kind of ninja warior bridges inside the area, but you will have to pay for each separately.

I swam and played wih my cousins, nieces and nephew until before we ate lunch. I then roamed around to see the whole place and take some pictures (to share with you~).

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Mother and Child

I took these shots a few weeks ago, days before the kitten died. I’m not sure why though, but we’re guessing she was hit accidentally while the carpenters are removing old wood from the house they’re rebuilding.

By this time, I was trying to get some nice shots of the kitten for days already. I can’t get close enough because the kitten was scared of all other creature aside from its mom. It runs away if it thinks you’re trying to get closer. The mother cat was also scary looking, so I didn’t try to go near them before whenever they’re together.

It touched me to see these two again and they were a little more exposed this time than where I usually saw them before. And so, I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots to practice. The kitten was more energetic and playful now (the time I took the pictures) and a little less scared of other creature’s movement. It switches back and forth from drinking milk from its mom and playing with her tail. Mommy cat looked annoyed the whole time, but she lets her child play. Lucky, I was able to walk nearer and without scaring them away.

It’s sad that the kitten is already gone. 😦 The mother is still here though, healthy, but still a bit “masungit” or “suplada”. I don’t know what English word would best fit, but, she looks like she’s annoyed all the time.  Maybe that’s her normal.

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Model or Photographer?

I want to be many things. At one point in my life, I wanted to be a model, too. I never tried to actually be one though, but I like to act like one from time to time. I find it awkward and weird to pose to the camera and act certain ways especially when there’s really no one there to actually interact with. I’m comfortable making facial expressions to match a certain mood when I sing songs, but if not, I feel kind of weird doing it.

Last time I mentioned about taking my niece to UP, and that was because I wanted us both to be able to practice and take pictures of the beautiful sunflowers. We took the chance to take pictures of each other as well. I realized that it was one thing to take pictures of flowers and the sky, and it’s another to take pictures of people. Both are difficult for different reasons.

Taking pictures of nature is kind of a one way relationship. What you see is what you get. You as the photographer is the only one who needs and can adjust to whatever nature is giving you. You find the best angle, best frame, adjust the exposure, be quick and alert of all the small changes that happen and all that shiz because nature is not going to adjust to and wait for you. Taking pictures of people on the other hand is difficult, for me at least, because you have to think of ways to make the person look good on the camera. While you can ask a person to move and pose certain ways for you, there will come a point that the poses become repetitive and too similar to each other, unnatural or awkward. You also have to think of ways to make the person look like he/she belongs to the scene, and while it’s good to have something that you can control, it’s extra work for you since you still have to mind other factors I mentioned earlier in taking pictures of nature. I also read somewhere before that models and photographer need to be comfortable to each other so they can communicate well and take good pictures.

It’s nice to have someone close to you have similar interest. Today, we became both models and photographers of each other, helping each other out to become better at both. 🙂


If you wanna see more of her, check out her instagram! 🙂