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What’s up?


I haven’t posted for quite a while, so here’s some life update.

Wedding Preparations

We have been busier these past few months preps wise since we only got less than a year now. Spent so much time looking for, checking out and reading reviews about wedding suppliers. We’ve booked some suppliers already but we’re still far from being done. At first my fiance and I both thought that after booking the church, reception venue, caterer and photographers and videographers everything will become easier. We’re both wrong and we realize that now because there are still a lot that needs to be done. We totally forgot about what we’ll wear and didn’t think about how we’ll manage on the day. I thought we can DIY the rest of the things that we need but now I think I’m expecting too much from myself. I’m slowly realizing that things are more complicated and difficult than we expected them to be so we might really have to get some help from experts. Finding suppliers that are good and love their craft but are also within budget is really challenging. It’s still fun though and we both get to learn new things together.

Other Events

I treated my Mom to a spa session for her birthday. I had a period back then and thought twice about also getting a full body massage, but I decided to go for it. It went well, and I didn’t get any bruise from it. I guess you just have to warn your masseuse that you are in your period and ask to be gentle(r).

My cousin, who’m I did pre-debut photoshoot with, already turned 18 and celebrated with her last July 15. It was an evening party at the beach and we (my niece Rica and I) were asked if we can cover it (though we were actually already kind of planning to do so even without being asked XD). So here’s some of the things that I learned:

  1. It’s hard to do it alone. Good thing I wasn’t but I feel like we could have done better if we were better coordinated? We didn’t plan anything, didn’t know the program, etc., so we just captured what we can. XD Also, we were part of the program and weren’t ready to pass on to anyone the camera when it was our turn.
  2. I should have prepared better since I usually shoot in daytime with natural sunlight. I should have set my camera to a better mode or find a better camera settings to capture evening photos. I was already in auto mode to avoid missing moments but there were times that my camera took too long to adjust, captured blurry or out of focus images, took an image with bad lighting.
  3. I should ask how the event will be going next time for me to have an idea how to get better shots.

I also learned that the battery of my camera can last a whole debut program (continuous shooting) without running out. That’s about 4 hours I think. I’m really happy about this.

I also recently attended a bridal shower for a friend and experienced hand and foot spa, both for the first time. Also the first time I got manicure from someone else. XD I usually do it myself at home. I’m not sure though whether or not I like the color that I chose. It looked good, natural and a bit sophisticated (for me) on their sample but I later realized that it looked like a kiddie nail polish color. I went home and noticed that it shines and sparkle like the toy nail polish for kids. I don’t know. My nails are growing out anyway and would have to do my nails before the wedding so I can change the color then.

What’s Next?

I made two pillow covers using the portable mini sewing machine that my friends gave me on my previous birthday. I emptied out my Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel and just opened a new jar. I’m almost out of my Aveeno foam facial wash, I love it and I don’t know how I can purchase it again. I started using a seaweed exfoliating gel from Miniso and I think it’s really working well. So these are the items that I’m going to make a post on and review soon!

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Review (Skin Care): NARUKO Shine Control and Blemish Clear Toner

So, I emptied another skin care product and it’s time for a review!

One time in the office, my office mates and I somehow talked about skin care products. I was just starting to explore on skin care at that time and I didn’t know much (well, I knew a lot less than what I know now XD). One of them mentioned about a toner that she only buys online, if I remember correctly, and which she only use 2 drops of every time. She said her face started to clear up since then and didn’t had problems about being oily anymore. She also mentioned only buying one big bottle and it would last her for a year.

So I got curious and searched about it. But now, I’m not sure if I actually got the product that she mentioned. XD Anyway, I emptied out my Nivea toner and decided that I should give what my officemate mentioned a try. I thought this was it and I was able to buy it from Watsons. They also have other products from the same brand but I chose this one since I’m oily skinned and have blemishes. It’s a little bit pricey (okay, a lot), so my fiance told me to buy the smaller available size and see if it’s effective for me first.



The 30mL bottle that I bought lasted me for a little over a month (a few days more than a month). two drops won’t do it for me (otherwise, I tend to exert more pressure when swiping) so I put a few more drops on my cotton and wipe my face with it after I cleanse in the evening. I use less product in the morning since I don’t have much to wipe away. It gives a cooling sensation when applied and had a scent that’s similar to eucalyptus oil that my Mom used to apply on me when I was young.

I had a break out after a few days of using the product. My face was already clearing up at that time and I was really disappointed. I thought it was only because I had my menstruation coming, but new pimples continuously appeared even when I’m regularly changing my pillowcase. I also mentioned that my pimple scars became lighter before (while I was still using my previous toner), but turned darker while I was using this product. The life span of my pimples also extended while I was using this toner.

Rating: 5/10

It’s too expensive and it didn’t work for me. I went back to being super oily skinned, had break out, my pimples had extended lifespan and the scars they leave became darker. I think I’m still generous for giving it a 5. I’m giving it some points because maybe, just maybe, I had some faults in using it, too. Like, I ate a bit more junk food than I used to while using this product, and that might have an effect. But I don’t know. I also ate junk food before but I still noticed positive difference when I used the previous products.

Also there’s alcohol in the ingredients list which I think, from what I read and watch around, is bad and too drying for the skin. There’s witch hazel too, that they say is good for oily skinned people but I think is not good for me. I’m still testing this out though.


I won’t buy this again. The price I pay for the 30mL bottle of this toner can already buy me a 200mL bottle of my Nivea toner. I’m going back (and might stick to that for a while since my Mom also bought me another new bottle, so now I have an extra).

How about you? Do you have an experience on this product? Does this work well for you? Tell me about it in the comments section bellow. 🙂

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Updated Skin Care Routine

I posted my skin care routine a while back and now I’ve finished using the acne soap. At the time, my father came back from overseas work so we went to Dutyfree to shop. I haven’t changed much from the routine but here’s my updated morning and night skin care routine:


I don’t wash with my foaming cleanser in the morning. I simply rinse my face with water then pat it dry with face towel. Sometimes, I use toner, but most of the time skipped this step in the morning. Then I apply my aloe vera gel as my moisturizer. Sometimes, I completely forget to do this, but, I think it was okay.


I do a complete routine (like the one in the routine posted before) at night, only this time, I use a different facial cleanser.

After a few weeks, I noticed that my skin improved a lot. I don’t get too oily when I wake up in the morning. I don’t oil up too much during the day as well. My pimples had quicker life cycles and don’t leave marks that are too dark. They don’t last longer than 4 days, unlike before that almost a month would pass and a pimple would grow, will seem to heal then just grow back, sometimes even bigger or just plain worse than before. Sometimes, they would only last a day, even and won’t leave any marks. I think I’m doing my skin care right, or way better than before.

I still get pimples whenever I don’t sleep well, get stressed or forget to change my pillow cover. But, the pimple that show up don’t cause me stress anymore because they’re manageable and easy to fade away.


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Review (Skin Care): Watsons Chamomile Calming and Softening Facial Mask

My friends gave me sheet masks for my birthday (it was then when I first tried leveling up my skin care game) but I didn’t try them immediately because there’s a warning in the package that it shouldn’t be used on damaged skin. I didn’t know what is considered damaged, and I have oily and pimple prone skin, so that made me cautious about the product.

I decided to try one today because I thought I will never really know whether or not sheet masks are effective for me if I don’t try. Also, if I try it later and my skin react in a bad way, it will be harder to treat the damage and I will stress about time constraints (since I’m doing all of this to improve and eventually clear my skin before my wedding) which will then worsen my skin situation.


Anyway, let’s move on to the review.


I tried this one before sleeping. I washed my face with Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser then toned it twice with Nivea Aqua Effect Mattifying Toner. Then, I put on the mask.

I had quite a hard time trying to make the mask stick to my face. It had small holes for the eyes and I worried that products could get into my eyes if I’m not careful. The lip hole was quite small as well, which also made me worried about unintentionally getting product into my mouth.

I was trying to make the mask stick and I get excess product in my hands, so I spread them on the back of my hands, on my neck, elbows, arms and knees (because they’re dry). The package said that I should put the mask on for 15 to 20 mins. But as I was waiting, the back of my hand started to itch and I noticed that it got red and had bumps (like mini mosquito bites). I slightly panicked, but since I don’t feel anything on my face, I continued to wait for my 15 minutes to finish. Then my arm started to itch as well. I removed my mask after a short while. I had it on for more than 10 minutes but under the suggested 15 minutes.

I didn’t notice anything really bad when I removed it so I just removed the product that was in my under-eye (because they say that part has thinner skin and is more sensitive than other parts of the face) and let the rest of the product on my face be absorbed (or evaporate, whichever happened faster). It feels sticky when it dried. I got conscious after some time (around 40 minutes) and worried that it will cause new pimple to show up the morning, so I rinsed my face.

I woke up with slightly paler pimples though. I guess the mask was effective for calming. Some of the bumps seemed more flat as well the next morning.

Rating: 7/10

This is my first sheet mask so I don’t have anything to compare it with so far. Overall I’m giving this mask 7/10 because it was hard to put on and make it stick to my face, especially in the area around my nose and mouth. The holes for the eyes, nose and mouth were a little too small which made the mask hard to adjust. I don’t like that it’s sticky after it dries, though maybe sheet masks tend to feel like that since they’re packed with essence. But, I liked that it was effective even when I rinsed my face to get rid of the sticky feeling. It seemed to really calmed and soothed my skin, and it showed when I looked at my pimples the next morning. It also didn’t make my skin extra oily. img_6038

Also, it’s really cold last night and my skin reacts like I have skin allergy whenever it gets too cold. So, maybe the redness and bumps were actually caused by that and it wasn’t an allergic reaction to the mask’s solution. They were gone after some time as well. I didn’t feel any kind pain, tingling or stinging while the mask was on, so I’m now assuming that the damage mentioned in the warning refers to damage caused by too much sun exposure, burns or wounds.

It wasn’t so bad. I was too afraid for nothing. XD I can now use the rest of my sheet mask collection with less worry.

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Review (Skin Care): Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

I have large pores and an oily skin. And though I love it because these traits are what makes me look younger than my age, it also is a problem for me since these also make me acne prone. I mentioned before how I was never pimple free even when I’m not having my period and even now that I’m way past puberty.

I learned that clay masks are best for oily skin, and when I was first looking for skin care products to try, this clay mask is being featured at the online shop that I was checking out. It had a lot of good reviews and also heard from a friend that the brand has really good skin care products, so I bought it.

The Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask promises to draw out dirt and sebum, chemically exfoliate your skin and free it from dead skin cells, tighten your pores and give you a cooling sensation and moisture.


Apply the mask over your entire face, leaving the eye and lip areas after washing and toning your face. Enjoy the mask for at most 10 minutes then rinse everything off.


I’ve been using this mask for around two months now. I’m not using it religiously and regularly yet. I’m trying to use it at least once a week, but I sometimes get too lazy and go beyond a week before using the mask again. XD

While the mask is on, I can really feel a cooling sensation. I put it on even on the parts where I have pimples and I don’t have any problems with that. The sensation it gives really is relaxing. Over time, I can also feel the tightening, so I try to smile a bit while the mask is on (Hahaha!). After rinsing, my face feel so soft and smooth. My chin sometimes feel a little rough because of white heads and I also get very small bumps on my jaw line. This mask take all of these off. Pimples that are really red and irritated are soothed and are less inflamed after I use this mask. I feel that it really does what it promises to do.

I used to still put on aloe vera soothing gel after using this mask, but I noticed that I get way oilier the next day when I do this, so I stopped (putting moisturizer on after the mask). I realized that this mask was already enough for my skin (on days when I use it) and I don’t need more moisture than what it already gives. My skin feels fresh and clean for days when I use this mask.

Rating: 9/10

It’s really good and I love it! Although I’m really happy and satisfied with this product I’m giving it a 9 since it’s my first clay mask and I may found other clay masks that are as effective or better than this one.

[Pro tips]

  1. Apply the mask evenly on your skin and put just enough amount that you don’t see your skin through. Applying too thinly may not give you the full benefit of using the mask while applying too think layer will be wasteful.
  2. Don’t let the mask totally dry. Don’t wait for it to flake out that you can touch it and flakes would fall off. If you touch your face and it don’t transfer anymore, then it’s ready. Gently wipe the mask off with a towel wet with warm water. Rinse off whatever’s left on your skin, also with warm water, then rinse with room temperature water. Pat your face dry with clean towel.
  3. Make sure your face can handle the warmth of the water you’re using to take the mask off. Your face might be irritated if you use water that’s too hot for you. Don’t trust your hands too much. XD The skin on your hands is way thicker than the skin on your face, and the skin on your face is more sensitive, so just be careful with the temperature.
  4. You might not need to moisturize anymore after this mask if you’re oily since it already offer hydration.

I bought this mask online from BeautyMNL, but you can also get it from other online stores like ALTHEA and InnisfreeWorld.

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Skin Care Routine

I never cared about skin care before. When I was in high school, my mom would usually tell me how oily my skin was so I just sometimes put on some loose powder on. I never had a regular skin care routine, I always had facial wash available for me to use but still there were days that I don’t use it at all. The most that my face would get in those days would be some splash of water during shower. I was so lazy (and dirty, some of you might think), I know, but I thought that I was constantly having pimples because I was in my teenage years and that’s what’s normal. It was easy to dismiss my skin’s condition as something that every teenager experience and convince myself that my pimples, even though they’re constantly there, isn’t severe to be considered acne. I thought I could just wait until I get past this stage.

So I’m way past my teenage years now and I just recently just tried to learn more about skin care, and I already mentioned in my previous posts how this interest started. Others are lucky enough to not mind their skin care habits and still have good, healthy looking skin. I on the other hand is still struggling with constantly having pimples and have a very oily skin. I started following a skin care routine since November last year. I also started trying out face masks and some pimple treatment. I noticed that I don’t get pimples as big, red and inflamed pimples as I have before. They’re smaller in size and sometimes not too bumpy or inflamed. I also noticed that my skin got a lot less oily than I usually normally had. And so, I’m sharing with you my current skin care routine since it’s working out well for me so far.

Step 1: Cleansing

Iimg_6029 tried using what I always used before more regularly but it didn’t work quite well for me. I usually try Pond’s new cleansing products. I used to stick to their whitening facial foam just because it’s packaged in pink tubes. Recently they introduced a new pimple fighting foam, so I tried using it regularly for around a month. It still didn’t do what it promised, which was supposedly to rid your skin from pimple causing dirt, which helps you get rid of current pimples and should in turn serve as prevention from new ones to emerge. I finished up the small tube that I got and decided to try other brands. Right now I use Pasjel’s Oh My Egg Acne Formula for cleansing. I foam it and leave it on my skin for a minute before rinsing it off. I do this step twice if I went out or I feel I was exposed to extra dirt that day.

Step 2: Toning


I used to use Pond’s Pinkish White Toner before this one but I don’t think it did anything if not cause another pimple to emerge. I thought it wasn’t right for my skin type (which I didn’t consider before when choosing skin care products), so I decided to switch before using it all up. I saw Nivea Aqua Effect Mattifying Toner one time when I went to the grocery with my mom one time and decided to try this one out. I don’t exactly understand what toners do, but they say that it prepares your skin for the next steps. I notice that my face really was less oily after using it.

Step 3: Moisturizing

I img_6031only put day creams on my face before, but looking back, I think putting it caused pimples as well. I used to put Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream, but when I got more observant with what happens on my skin and noticed it, I stopped. I think even its Acne Prone formula had the same effect on me (I’ll give this one a second chance one of these days). I read somewhere that cream moisturizers are too much for oily skinned people to take, which may have cause the pimples to show up when I put them. I learned that aloe vera gel gives moisture and soothes the skin. Right now I use the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel as a moisturizer. I pat it all over my face after toning.


These 3 steps is what I do in the morning and at night before I sleep. I squeeze in a few more steps whenever I feel a bit less lazy, notice a few new bumps or just wanted to pamper myself. I learned that exfoliating is a must, at least 2 to 3 times a week. For that, right now, I use St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub once every two days, at night after cleansing and before toning. I gently scrub my problem areas with it and leave it on for around 45 seconds before washing it off with tap water. I noticed that my face becomes smoother after regularly doing this. Some people get sensitive though and said that this only did harm for them, but it’s working quite well for me. There’s a warning at the back of the tube anyway, and I think you won’t over dry your skin if you don’t overdo it and if you make sure you moisturize after.


I also recently learned about witch hazel and how it’s good in promoting skin healing, reducing inflammation, and is a natural antioxidant. Many says it has other benefit as well, and is really good for the skin. I found this The Beauty Bakery Clarifying Witch Hazel Facial Mist and bought this online. I added it to my routine and spray it on after toning and before moisturizing.

I also put on mask at least once a week. They say that clay masks are best for oily skin. Right now, I’m using Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and put it on for around 10 minutes after toning and before moisturizing. It has a really relaxing and cooling effect, and my skin feels soft and smooth after. I’ll do a review on this product soon.


As I have mentioned, I think this routine really helped in keeping my face calmer in terms of oil production. I usually get pimples whenever I forget to change my pillowcase or if I don’t get enough sleep, and they used to be really red and inflamed. I think my skin care routine helped keeping these pimples way smaller and less inflamed (hurt less too!) than what I get before. I know what I do is not (yet) perfect for me, but I feel that these helped me a lot. I’m still planning on trying out other ways to keep my skin healthy and I will be working on ways to keep the routine as simple as I can and still get it to work. I don’t really like spending too much on this, money and time wise. Although, I really enjoy using facial masks, it gets too expensive doing this regularly in the long run. I want to eventually just put mask to relax from time to time. I also want to learn and switch to making my own mask and DIY them to cut the cost.

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Pimple Conscious

I mentioned in a past entry that I recently got conscious about my face because I never had it perfectly clear of pimples. Really, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have at least one or two medium sized ones, and a few really small ones (growing). I get really big ones whenever the time of the month comes. And whenever one of them start to subside or heal, another one starts to grow. I’m way past the puberty stage now but I still have at least a few pimples all over my face, all the time.

I didn’t considered my condition severe, and I thought having it worse is what’s considered acne. So, I just went on with my life and didn’t really care about it. My parents usually tease me about it, but I only shrug it off and jokingly tell them, “I’m already beautiful as it is, imagine if I don’t have them. Too many suitors might show up and bug me all the time.” I never liked make-up though because aside from feeling so heavy on my face and being uncomfortable when wearing them, I was afraid that wearing them will cause my skin problem to become worse.

Now that I’m engaged, my parents and fiance’s teasing kind of had an effect on me. I now want to do something about it and dream of having a perfect skin on my wedding day.

Last October, I started to be more conscious about pimples showing on my face and started taking steps towards a hopefully better skin. I started treating my pimples with Quick Fix Pimple Eraser that I got from Watsons. Since I’m putting it on pimples twice everyday, I got to monitor not only the changes that happen on the pimples I’m putting cream on, but also when they appear. Here are three things that I just realized and noticed (why didn’t I know these things before? XD):

One, my sleeping habit is the main reason why I always have pimples on my forehead. I realized that in the few couple of days that I slept at around 12 midnight and got a long and satisfying sleep (at least around 7 hours per night), my forehead got clear of pimples (even the tiny bumps are gone during this time). And when one day I ruined this beautiful almost forming habit, a large pimple and a few tiny bumps showed up (on my forehead). I’ve always been a late sleeper, even since I was in high school. Then, I would sleep at around 1 am, and would wake-up at 5 am to get ready for school because my school service arrives at around 6:15 am. This sleeping habit got worse when I entered college. I got different class schedule everyday, so I never formed a regular sleeping habit. At times I sleep at 2 or 3 in the morning and would have to wake up at 6 am, there are times that I have little to no sleep at all.

Two, accumulated dirt on my pillow and pillow case causes large pimple on my cheek to grow and stay for long. It takes longer to subside and heal and, just when I thought that it will finally go away, it reemerges. I watched a bunch of “how to get rid of acne” videos and read a couple of articles on it, too. I heard this a few times, and I realized that I never actually washed and cleaned my pillows and I seldom change my pillow cases. And so, I bought a new pillow and pillow cases, washed and cleaned my old ones, and now change my cases regularly (I do mine weekly, but some others do it everyday). Over time, I noticed that a pimple forms a few days after I change the case which tells me that it’s dirty and I should flip or change it. I also realized that this large cheek pimple show on the side that touches my pillow when I sleep. When I change side, the other one heals and a new one forms on the other side that now touches the pillow. When I hugged a pillow when I slept and it touched my chin (maybe repetitively) during sleep and its case wasn’t newly changed, a pimple also formed on my chin (it healed quickly when I avoided having facial contact with the pillow that I hug). They say that silk fabric don’t absorb oils, dirt and sebum unlike other kinds of fabric. I’m going to buy a silk pillow case soon, so that I can use pillow cases for longer (or at least just last a week without growing a new pimple because of my pillow case).

Three, I can’t only rely on acne treatment products. Creams, facial wash, masks or whatever product that says it will remove your acne can only do so much. They may help fasten the life span of a pimple. They may help fasten the amount of time it takes to erase the dark spot it left when it healed. They may remove all the dirt, sebum and oil that cause pimple that are currently sitting on your face. They may help your recently popped pimple to heal faster. But they will not be able to prevent an acne to show up if you don’t keep things that touches your face clean or you don’t get proper and enough sleep. I think, to actually achieve a healthy, glowing skin, a lifestyle change should also be in order. It’s true, prevention is better than cure.

I’m excited to learn more about myself and be able to figure out more about keeping my skin healthy and acne free as I try new habits, experiment on products and constantly monitoring my habits and skin health patterns. I read that eating dairy products causes pimples as well, and I love fresh milk, butter and cheese. I’ve yet to do something about this one because butter and cheese just make food tastier and more delicious! This one will be harder to address. I hope I can take small steps about this soon. We’ll see, and I’ll tell you about the result next time. 🙂

Do you also struggle with pimples? Have you solved this skin problem a long time ago? Tell me your story in the comment section bellow.